The Calling of Connection

The Calling of Connection

Jul 24, 2023

Building a Supportive Community


Your Network of Understanding

As women over 45, we are navigating a unique and transformative stage of life. While this journey comes with wisdom and experience, it can also present challenges. During this period of change, finding a supportive community becomes invaluable. Connecting with like-minded individuals who understand your experiences, aspirations, and dreams can positively impact your well-being and personal growth.

Do you feel the Calling for connection? If so read on, you may be one of two types of people- those that want to find like-minded others or those that want to organize others to connect.

In this blog post, we will explore the power of connection and the importance of building a supportive community for women over 45. A network that fosters understanding, encouragement, and empowerment can change the world.

The Value of Community

Whatever your community is, it creates value. Below you will find some of the key reasons to be part of a community yet there are many more.

Shared Experiences

As we journey through the third stage of life, we encounter shared experiences, including empty nest syndrome, menopause, and redefining our identities. Connecting with others going through similar life transitions can provide comfort and a sense of belonging.

Emotional Support

A support system that listens and understands can be a source of emotional resilience during challenging times. Sharing our joys and struggles with others creates a space where we feel heard and validated.

Social Engagement

Community connections offer opportunities for social engagement and combat feelings of isolation that sometimes accompany aging.

Virtual Connectivity

Online platforms have broken geographical barriers, allowing global women to come together and form communities based on shared interests and goals.

Virtual communities provide accessibility and convenience, enabling women to connect and participate in discussions regardless of their physical location or time zone.

Numerous niche communities cater to specific interests, such as health and wellness, entrepreneurship, travel, or creative pursuits. These platforms offer a space for deeper connections and focused discussions.

Building a Supportive Community

Start by identifying interests or goals that resonate with your journey. Finding common ground is essential in building a supportive community. Whether it's a love for a hobby, a passion for a cause, or a desire for personal growth,

Encourage authenticity and vulnerability within the community. When members feel safe sharing their stories and experiences, they foster a stronger sense of trust and belonging.

Active participation is the foundation of a thriving community. Encourage members to discuss, share knowledge, and support one another.

Building Local Bonds

Consider organizing or joining local meet-ups to connect with women in your area. These face-to-face interactions can strengthen connections and provide opportunities for deeper relationships.

Participate in community events, workshops, or classes that align with your interests. These events can be a gateway to meeting like-minded individuals who may become part of your support network.

Engaging in local volunteer work allows you to connect with others and positively impacts your community.

Mentorship and Guidance

Mentorship can be beneficial, especially for women embarking on new ventures or navigating life changes. Finding mentors who have been through similar experiences can offer valuable guidance and support.

As women over 45, we possess a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Becoming a mentor to younger individuals or those going through similar life stages enables us to share our insights and leave a lasting impact.

Creating a Safe Space

Active listening is crucial in creating a safe and supportive environment. It fosters empathy and allows members to feel genuinely heard and understood.

Encourage a culture of respect and kindness within the community. Disagreements can arise, but addressing them with empathy and respect promotes healthy discussions.

The Impact of Supportive Communities

Supportive communities foster personal growth by encouraging self-discovery, embracing change, and providing motivation to pursue new opportunities.

Connecting with like-minded individuals empowers us to take charge of our lives, make confident decisions, and strive for our aspirations.

The sense of belonging within a community combats feelings of isolation and loneliness, promoting emotional well-being.

Kay's Case Study

Kay loved the idea of creating plastic awareness in her local community. After searching the internet, she came across eXXpedition and was fortunate to join them on a virtual voyage of South Africa. Kay plastic knowledge not only included its effects on the planet but on women's bodies too.

Part of the study included a local beach clean where Kay met Marilena also passionate about the environment. Together they formed a local volunteer group and the community continues to grow. The project has also completed a year-long study of local beach waste and since branched out into making beach waste plastic art creating awareness.

Further talks are now taking place with local government, schools, and larger local organizations also passionate about keeping the nearby national park pristine.

Connection, Compassion, and Community

Building a supportive community for women over 45 is a transformative journey. By embracing the power of connection, we create a space where understanding, encouragement, and empowerment thrive.

Whether through virtual platforms or local meet-ups, the support of like-minded individuals enriches our lives and strengthens our resilience. Let us come together, sharing our stories and dreams, as we navigate the third stage of life with grace, compassion, and unwavering support for one another.

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