Modern Marketing Methods

Modern Marketing Methods

Oct 03, 2023

The Feminine Flair V’s Patriarchal Promotion


Have you ever visited a website where popup after popup has frustratingly demanded your attention? Did you have to scroll endlessly through a never-ending irrelevant sales page before reaching a purchase option? More importantly, do you have your own business, a charity event, a bake sale, or an art exhibition about to happen and you feel sick at the idea of having to promote yourself using these methods?

You are not alone according to girl power marketing

“Women make or influence 85 percent of all purchasing decisions, and purchase over 50 percent of traditional male products, including automobiles, home improvement products, and consumer electronics. But 91% of women say that advertisers don’t understand them.”

In a world that often celebrates assertiveness and dominance, traditional self-promotion tactics can feel foreign and uncomfortable for many women. The pressure to adopt a more aggressive approach can be daunting and lead to a sense of disconnection from one's authentic self. In this post, we are going to look at the best marketing practices for women today and you may be surprised to know you are already doing most of them!

Patriarchal Promotion

Before we begin, let’s just make sure you understand the types of marketing tactics women find uncomfortable. Skip this section if you are already familiar or read on to see which ones really get your goat.

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

FOMO is a technique that plays on the fear of being left out or missing an opportunity. It often employs urgent language such as "Limited Time Offer" or "Act Now!" This approach, while effective in creating a sense of urgency, can sometimes coerce individuals into decisions that may not be in their best interest.

Discounts for Immediate Action

Offering discounts for immediate action is another common patriarchal self-promotion strategy. Following in the footsteps of FOMO it encourages quick decision-making, implying that if you don't act now, you're missing out. While discounts can be a legitimate marketing tool, this approach can sometimes pressure individuals into making purchases they haven't thoroughly considered.

Hierarchical Language

Using hierarchical language, such as positioning oneself as the ultimate authority or suggesting that one's product or service is the only viable option, is a classic patriarchal approach. It implies that there is a single "right" way, disregarding the diverse perspectives and preferences of potential clients or customers.

Aggressive Calls to Action

Phrases like "Buy Now!" or "Subscribe or Miss Out!" can create a sense of pressure and urgency. While these calls to action can be effective in some contexts, they can also be alienating for individuals who prefer a more contemplative approach to decision-making.

Comparison and Competitiveness

Patriarchal self-promotion often emphasizes competition and comparison. Highlighting how your offering is superior to others can create a hostile atmosphere and undermine the value of collaboration and mutual support that all products or services need.

Negativity, Doom, and Gloom

Patriarchal marketing often resorts to negativity as a tool, employing tactics like shaming, fear-mongering, or highlighting perceived flaws to create a sense of urgency or inadequacy in potential customers.

A fun Side Note: we can confirm that Menopause is not a disease, going grey, wrinkles and invisibility are not all that bad.

Although these tactics have been extremely effective over the years, as we simplify and align with our true selves - and become Sensibly Selfish, we are happy to leave such marketing behind. Now that you can recognize the pitfalls above, you can begin to explore a more feminine and authentic approach to self-promotion that honors your unique strengths and values.

Embrace Your Unique Qualities

When it comes to self-promotion, authenticity is your greatest asset. Take a moment to reflect on what makes you unique – your experiences, your perspective, your skills. These are your strengths, and they are what set you apart. Embrace them fully. Remember, it's not about conforming to a mold; it's about confidently showcasing what makes you exceptional.

Storytelling as a Powerful Tool

One of the most compelling ways to self-promote is through storytelling. Narratives have the power to captivate an audience, creating an emotional connection that mere facts and figures can't achieve. Share your journey, your challenges, and your triumphs. Let your audience see the person behind the work.

Crafting a Compelling Story

Your story is a powerful tool that not only showcases your expertise but also establishes a genuine connection with your audience. Below you can find the basics of a great story. Use the Rites of Passage post and develop one or more of your life-turning moments, the pivots that have led you to where you are today.

1. Start with a Hook: Grab your audience's attention from the beginning. This could be an intriguing question, a surprising fact, or a relatable anecdote.

2. Show, Don't Just Tell: Paint a vivid picture with your words. Allow your audience to visualize the scenarios and emotions you experienced.

3. Highlight the Transformation: Every good story has a transformation, a turning point. Share how challenges or experiences shaped you and your work.

4. Embrace Vulnerability: Don't be afraid to share moments of vulnerability. It humanizes your story and allows your audience to connect on a deeper level.

5. End with a Strong Takeaway: Leave your audience with a message or lesson they can carry forward. It could be an insight gained or an encouragement to take action.

Here is a working example:

“In my pursuit of a thriving online business, I invested not only countless euros but also countless hours, hoping to unlock the secret to success. Several times, I came tantalizingly close, yet it was the events of 2022 that pushed me to the brink, signaling it was time to step back and retire.

All I yearned for was a steady income of my own, a safety net in case life took an unimaginably dark turn. Armed with determination but lacking any formal business background, I turned to online courses, hoping they would be the gateway to my dream.

The unfortunate reality, however, was that the ones who reaped the true benefits were the very individuals selling me these courses. The money and time I invested never seemed to find their way back to me. It was a cycle of chasing after one shiny opportunity after another, only to feel like I was constantly being taken advantage of.

Then, in 2022, I stumbled upon a community of people who spoke a different language. Their approach emphasized collaboration and a vision of building businesses that transcended the conventional norms. It was electrifying, brimming with future potential, and I was immediately captivated.

Over the course of 18 months, we worked in the digital realm. Then the time had come to transition from pixels to handshakes, to bring our message to the market for feedback and sponsorship. Regrettably, just a month into the physical journey, the grand vision started to unravel. It became painfully clear that it was yet another castle in the air.

I was disheartened, demoralized, and disillusioned. When I announced my decision to retire to my clients, it sparked an uproar. Yet, instead of waving the white flag, I found a solution.

I embarked on simplification and decluttering, sifting through the eight million words hidden on my computer. Out of this, an active blog emerged, dedicated to women at midlife, offering insights and solutions for those navigating their own existential crossroads. The blog is a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of resilience, and you are reading it now!”

Note: Whatever your story is today, make an effort to revisit it in six months' time as you and your circumstances will be different, and therefore your story will need reworking. Adapt and change as your reality changes.

Building Supportive Networks

None of us are on this journey alone. Building a network of like-minded individuals can be a game-changer. Seek out mentors who align with your values and aspirations. Connect with peers who fill you with positive energy and understand the unique challenges you face. Together, you can lift each other up, providing encouragement and insights that will bolster your self-promotion efforts.

Your network becomes a powerful force in promoting your work through feminine channels. Word of mouth, for instance, carries a weight that no marketing campaign can replicate. When women in your network resonate with your work, they become advocates, sharing it with their own circles. Their testimonials, often filled with genuine enthusiasm, can be more compelling than any carefully crafted and costly advertisement.

What's more, these women become not just colleagues, but trusted sources. You know that their support comes from a place of authenticity, and in return, you're more than happy to reciprocate. This mutual support creates a positive cycle, where everyone's achievements are celebrated and amplified. It's a network founded on trust, empathy, and a shared commitment to uplifting one another.

Top Tip: If You Don't Ask, No One Can Help!

Remember, it's okay to ask for support. Your network is there to assist you, when you ask the worst you can get back is a NO! Always ask as your peeps may not always know when or how you need help. Whether it's seeking advice, requesting testimonials, or simply sharing your accomplishments, don't hesitate to reach out. Asking for help not only strengthens your connections but also empowers you to navigate your journey with greater confidence and resilience.

Deborah Claire Procter “I've found that creating a supportive network has been invaluable in my own business. It's a space where I can share my successes and challenges, knowing that I'll receive honest feedback and genuine support. These relationships have not only strengthened my self-promotion skills but have enriched my overall professional and personal life.”

Celebrate Your Achievements

In a masculine world all too often, we're quick to move from one milestone to the next without taking a moment to acknowledge our accomplishments. Celebrating your achievements is not indulgent; it's a vital part of the feminine self-promotion process.

Any celebration whether big or small reinforces your confidence and fuels your motivation to continue putting your work out into the world. Whether it's a tiny win or a significant milestone, take the time to revel in it. Treat yourself to a moment of recognition. You've earned it.

Take that first step

Well, dear reader you are at the end of the post. Now it is time to share your passion, and tell your story, whether it's through a blog, a social media post, or a heartfelt conversation with a colleague. Reach out to that mentor you've been admiring from afar. And most importantly, embrace the power of collaboration, knowing that by lifting each other up, we all rise.

Let your personal actions be beacons for others, showing them that it's never too late to step into the spotlight. Together, we can redefine self-promotion and forge a path that's uniquely ours.


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