Creating Clarity - Part 7

Creating Clarity - Part 7

Oct 22, 2023

Final Thoughts For Clarity


Throughout this Sensibly Selfish Series on Clarity, we have looked at ways to face the unknown, and to flow with what life throws at you in a conscious manner. When you organize your life both internally and externally, taking simple-step-by-step actions towards change you are on your way to a Sensibly Selfish life.

In this final post, we share further tips and tricks to add to your toolbox. Consider them in relation to all the advice given so far and utilize the ones that resonate the most with you. Keep coming back and adjusting ideas and thoughts as and when you find yourself stuck, on the wrong track, or bored with life.

Breaking Free: Stop It!

As creatures of habit, we often find comfort in routines, even when they no longer serve us. The allure of familiar but unproductive habits can lure us away from the pursuits that truly matter. While indulging in a favorite TV show can be a relaxing escape, a series-long binge might not align with our greater goals.

Consider this: How many two-hour intervals have slipped through our fingers over the years, absorbed in activities that lead nowhere? It's time for a reckoning. Identify that one habitual action that yields no progress and declare it must stop. It is that simple. Just STOP IT!

Resistance may surface, as change tends to unsettle our comfort zones. Here, the power of imagination becomes a formidable ally. Harness those excuses, the apprehension, and let them germinate the seeds of a new, constructive habit.

Whether it's delegating tasks, carpooling, relinquishing control, or letting go of perfectionism, take action. You hold the reins to your transformation.

Procrastination: Clearing the Path to Productivity

In the tapestry of midlife, many find themselves entangled in the threads of procrastination. Despite knowing its weighty consequences, it's all too easy to relegate the least-liked tasks to the bottom of the to-do list, hoping they might magically vanish. However, this delay tactic transforms a minor task into burdensome baggage, a constant mental weight. The toll? Wasted time and energy, always tethered to unfinished business.

Midlife, instead, beckons us to discard mental clutter, to cease burdening our minds with trivialities. It's a call to change the tune of procrastination. Instead, utilize your list as a compass, tackling the most dreaded tasks first. Once that initial hurdle is cleared, proceed with the rest in order of priority. Anything lingering, consider it unworthy of your precious time and attention.

Consider making a promise of ten minutes of 'Me Time' after conquering your least favorite task - it is a proven powerful motivator. Embracing this one simple change can also carve out newfound space for your Sensibly Selfish midlife.


Fiona’s Story: A Wardrobe Transformed, a Life Reimagined

Fiona harbored a unique quirk— an aversion to disorderly wardrobes. To her family's amusement, she tirelessly maintained order, deeming it essential for her functioning. The ordeal of packing for a vacation never existed Fiona loved the challenge of simplicity, a testament to the importance she placed on order.

During a candid lunch with friends, lamenting her unexpressed talents, an epiphany struck— Fiona possessed a remarkable skill. She excelled at curating minimal yet functional wardrobes. Harnessing this ability, with the support of her friends, Fiona embarked on a new career. Now, she assists others in organizing their wardrobes, turning her passion into a lucrative profession. With each success, Fiona's dreams materialized, a testament to the transformative power of recognizing and leveraging one's unique gifts, dedication, and self-belief.

Wrong Ladder, Wrong Wall: Purposeful Action

Embarking on a journey, only to realize you've chosen the wrong path, can be a jarring revelation. It's akin to scaling a ladder, reaching the pinnacle, and discovering you're not only on the wrong ladder but the wrong wall entirely. Having said that, it is important to realize that any movement is in the right direction. Sometimes we have to take a wrong turn in order to learn an important lesson.

Yet, before you embark on any endeavor, pause and ponder these fundamental questions:

  • Is this aligned with my true desires?
  • Will this lead me to where I need to be?
  • Is there a more efficient way?

Asking these questions may help you realize that you do not need a ladder to climb at all. Perhaps, there's a path around, a way underneath, or even the possibility of demolishing the barrier entirely. Taking the time for this initial analysis can save you time and energy in the long run. It's a compass guiding you towards purposeful action, ensuring your efforts align with your true aspirations.

Carpe Diem

As we weave our warp and weft through the intricate tapestry of midlife, planning, prioritizing, and organizing become not just strategies, but indispensable companions on our journey. They offer us the reins to steer through the inevitable chaos, ensuring that every step aligns with our deepest desires and aspirations. In the end, it's not just about managing time; it's about seizing it, relishing each moment, and crafting a life that resonates with purpose and fulfillment.

Seize the day, it is all you have. Finding balance in planning, breaking unproductive habits, and embracing flexibility becomes an art form. Wield your time and energy with intentionality, and ensure that every action aligns with your true self. This journey is a testament to your worthiness, a testament to the power of self-love and self-care. Embrace it. You are worth every transformative step you take.


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