Creating Clarity - Part 2

Creating Clarity - Part 2

Oct 17, 2023

Crafting Your Personalized Organizing System


In the realm of organization, one size certainly does not fit all. Each of us possesses a unique constellation of responsibilities, aspirations, and quirks that demand a personalized approach to order and structure. This is where crafting a customized organizational system comes into play – a system that not only accommodates your individuality but celebrates it.

Picture it as an artisanal tapestry, woven with threads of intentionality, practicality, and adaptability. It's not about adhering to rigid rules, but rather about curating a landscape that nurtures productivity and brings a sense of calm amidst life's upheavals.


Practical Strategies for Tailoring Your Organizational System

Start with Your Why: Before delving into the 'how', contemplate the 'why'. What is the overarching purpose of your organizational system? Is it to enhance productivity, reduce stress, or create more space for what truly matters? Understanding your driving force will lay the groundwork for the strategies you choose.

Zone in on Your Zones: Divide your life into zones, each serving a specific purpose. There's the workspace, the sanctuary of rest, the hub of creativity, and the heart of nourishment. Assign each zone its designated function, allowing for seamless transitions and focused energy.

Ritualize and Rhythmize: Establish rituals that anchor your days. Whether it's a morning meditation, an evening reflection, or a midday stretch, these rituals serve as touchpoints, grounding you in the present moment and offering a rhythmic cadence to your day.

Leverage Technology Wisely: Embrace technology as a tool, not a taskmaster. Utilize calendars, task management apps, and digital reminders to streamline your commitments. But remember, technology is a servant, not a master – wield it judiciously.

Alycia’s Story

“A few years ago, I found myself drowning in a sea of Post-it notes and endless to-do lists. It seemed every corner of my desk was adorned with colorful reminders, yet they only served to compound my sense of disarray. That's when I realized that my organizational system needed a revamp.

Drawing inspiration from the principles of minimalism, I decluttered my workspace, leaving only the essentials in sight. I invested in a sleek, multi-compartmented box that not only complemented the aesthetics of my workspace but also provided a designated space for each facet of my work. The best part - I could place the lid on my jobs, whenever I wanted to walk away. This shift towards simplicity brought a sense of calm to my environment and amplified my productivity tenfold.”

Mastering the Art of Focus: Plus Or Minus Seven

Have you ever found yourself at the end of the day, having checked off nothing on your to-do list, and felt a sense of disheartenment? It's a familiar sentiment. Distractions and detours are a potent and often painful reminder that we are only human. Tales of misplaced keys and forgotten intentions go hand in hand with midlife brain fog.

We grasp the significance of structured plans yet there is a realization that endless lists may not be the solution. Clarity about the day's objectives is key. Each night, compile a list of tasks for the next day. But here's the secret: let go of the inconsequential. These tasks, which often masquerade as important, are best left unacknowledged. The temptation to add them, even for a future date, is a slippery slope towards disappointment.

In the midst of the next day's unfolding, witnessing accomplished tasks being struck off ignites a determined spirit, propelling you toward the completion of all that you've set out to achieve.

The Magical Number Seven

Deciding on seven tasks each day serves as a sweet spot, ensuring that you remain engaged and purposeful until bedtime. This thoughtful approach also grants you the ability to navigate those unforeseen moments that tend to disrupt our well-laid plans. In 1956, G.A. Miller shed light on how our short-term memory excels at holding roughly seven tasks at a time. This insight becomes a cornerstone in crafting effective agendas.

The magic of seven harmoniously melds with my daily routine. It provides room for celebration without the weight of excessive pressure, allowing you to adapt to your schedule as needed.

Plan with Purpose: Be Flexible

Planning is not about saturating every minute with tasks; it's about orchestrating a dance between structure and spontaneity. The plus or minus seven rule stands as a beacon, leaving room for life's unpredictabilities.

Unexpected guests, flat tires, sudden illnesses - life's surprises are countless. To deal with them with grace, it is important to embody the flexibility of a tree swaying in the wind. The art of Sensibly Selfish living lies in maintaining composure, bending but not breaking, and ensuring there's room for the unexpected.

Always make space for nothing. Remember, a tree's branches need space to yield to the wind; similarly, you must make space for life's gusts. This means that when your well-planned day has no unexpected hiccups, it's time to indulge in "Me Time."


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